Client Testimonials

I have been an MD customer since 2008 and wanted to let you know that Sandra in your office is just a phenomenal, phenomenal employee.

MD is very blessed to have her. The customer service she provides is the best I could ever ask for from an insurance company. It is truly unbelievable! I have made several changes over the years to my boat policy and Sandra has everything done in minutes for me. I truly appreciate the service she provides me as a customer, going above and beyond the call each and every time. Just phenomenal service!


My experience working with Andrew from MD Marine Insurance was great! Andrew was able to work around my schedule and was very prompt with answering emails.

He made sure to let me know when he received the paperwork I sent to him, which was great. Dealing with Andrew was positive experience overall.

Calvin Waine

Dealing with Jill from MD Marine Insurance was excellent. She was quick, precise and I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy she made the insurance process for me.

When I hung up the phone with Jill, I felt very positive about the call and can honestly say this was the best insurance experience I have ever had.

Doug Mclay

Our experience dealing with Jennifer from MD Marine Insurance was absolutely wonderful.

Jennifer dealt with all our questions quickly and efficiently and was very organized throughout the entire process. Overall Jennifer made our insurance experience a fabulous one.


My experience dealing with Mamie was excellent, she was very thorough and made the experience a very positive one.

Mamie dealt with all my questions and concerns efficiently, making the process seamless.

Rob Horton

Sarah has been an exceptional person to deal with. If all companies had persons like Sarah life would be much better for all.

One thing I respect in a person is that they KEEP THEIR WORD and Sarah does as do I.


All too often people who do an amazing job go unnoticed and I wanted to make sure Mamie’s efforts were recognized. From the get-go I was just so pleased with how Mamie handled my account.

Mamie was kind, courteous and had a great a sense of humour. Her professionalism was absolutely impeccable throughout the entire process. I am very pleased to be on board with MD Marine.

David Lynch

MD Marine wasn’t my insurance company when the rear end of my boat got totaled…but they are now.

It was not a great start to the long weekend when another vehicle drove into the back of my trailered boat while I was driving on highway 35 in Haliburton. My boat, a 2007 Alumacraft CS 165 with a 4-stroke Suzuki 50 was not in good shape to say the least.

Accidents happen, and unfortunately sometimes its part of life. You just groan to yourself and think, OK bring on the headache. Between dealing with insurance companies, and trying to get the repairs done in time to salvage an already short boating season. It wasn’t looking good for me to get back on the water.

I had contacted my insurance company right away to put in my claim. I had a lot of trouble getting that company, a general insurance company, to appreciate the fact that I wanted to get this taken care of as quickly as possible. My quickly request turned into the question, will it ever get done? The insurance adjuster wouldn’t answer calls or emails, for weeks. The glacial speed at which they moved was an even greater source of frustration than the actual damage to my boat.

I was expressing this frustration to a friend one day and he suggested I call MD Marine Insurance and see what they could do for me. I really had nothing to lose at this point, so I did.

I wound up talking with Marlene, and I have to tell you it was a whole different conversation. The MD team looked at my policy, made some calls, and obviously knew exactly what they were doing because within three days, my repairs were assessed and my full replacement cheque was in my hands.

I have never been more relieved than when I switched my policy over to MD Marine Insurance. Any company who cares enough to move that fast to correct a situation that was dragging on, deserves to have my business.

Paul Engels

We simply could not have asked for more, in terms of how MD Marine Insurance handled our claim. Professional, courteous and understanding... their only real concerns were about us and getting our boat repaired and back on the water as quickly as possible.

I've been a boater since about 2000. We currently run a 44 foot 410 SeaRay, which we keep docked at the The Bay Moorings in Penetang Ontario, as we do the vast majority of our boating on Georgian Bay.

We found out about MD Marine Insurance from Skyline Marine brokers, where we purchased our SeaRay. They came very highly recommended in fact.

I have to admit that at first they sounded a little 'too good to be true', but that might have been my own residual skepticism, having had a not-so-great experience with my previous boat insurance company.

But, as they say, the best way to judge any insurance company is by how they respond when you actually have a claim. As fate would have it, we had a pretty costly mishap on the very first day we had our newly insured boat. We were just clearing the last lock in the Trent-Severn system bringing our boat from Orillia, when our boat touched bottom.

My first instinct was, 'Oh, no, here we go again.' But this time, I'm happy to report, was not the same in any way at all. The MD Marine people, especially our broker, Jennifer Eaton, provided us with some pretty spectacular service. Our boat was out of the water and photographed and our claim processed within 2 days. Then the repairs were made and our boat was back in the water within a week. This was pretty amazing to me.

This was easily the best experience I have ever had in making a claim of any kind with an insurance company. I would not hesitate to recommend MD Marine to anyone, who is looking for an insurance company that offers surprisingly good rates and always puts their customers first.

David Bednarek
Oakville, Ontario

MD Marine stood solidly behind me during a very complex and difficult claim process... for an insurance company to do this is very rare today.

I have been a boater all my life. I currently have a Rinker Express Cruiser 320, which we dock at the Wye Heritage Marina, as we do pretty much all our boating in Georgian Bay.

I have been an MD Marine policy holder for 3 years. My policy was transferred to MD Marine from my previous broker, when they discontinued insurance service. But My experience with MD Marine has been excellent.

My boat was damaged during a winter storm in February 2011. My neighbours boat came off its supports and impacted my boat, causing it to roll over as well. Subsequent to my reporting of the issue, I was contacted right away by John Lazareth, who assured me everything would be taken care of to my approval. The marina that repaired the boat was indifferent to providing a thorough job. They delivered my boat back to me without inspecting the entire vessel. I had to sign the waiver to get my boat released even though all the shrink wrap was still on the boat and was damaged in the impact.

My biggest concern was reporting additional damages without paying another deductible. To make a long difficult story short, further considerable damage was uncovered once the shrink wrap was removed. When this was brought to the attention of John, his reaction was very professional and supportive. He worked very hard with the repairing marina to make sure that all of the damage was covered under the same incident report thereby avoiding additional expense to me. The support I received from MD and its affiliates during a very long drawn-out affair was one of most professional treatments I have received from an insurance company. They stood behind me during the whole process even though I was dealing with a difficult repair facility.

Thanks to MD, and John Lazareth for their support. MD Marine stood solidly behind me during a very complex and difficult claim process‚ for an insurance company to do this is very rare today.

Ron Chapman
Aurora, Ontario

You never know how good your insurance company really is until you see them in action. I have nothing but good things to say about MD Marine and the thoughtful and professional way they handled my claim.

I've been a boater since 2008, when I purchased a 54' Meridian Cabin Cruiser. In the summer I keep it anchored at a marina in the Thousand Islands and each winter I take it down to Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to the Meridian I also have a 12' Walker Bay dinghy and a Yahama Waverunner Seadoo. All of my watercraft are insured by MD Marine, to whom I was referred when I first started looking for boat insurance.

Quite unlike my experience with other insurers over the years, my experience with MD Marine has been nothing but positive. And they have really been put to the test with me, though a claim I had to make over a defective porthole on my very first trip out. The defective porthole was something that was missed in the initial inspection I had done on the boat, and it blew out in the middle of the Atlantic.

You never know how good your insurance company really is until you see them in action. I have nothing but good things to say about MD Marine and the thoughtful and professional way they handled my claim.

My MD Marine broker, Jennifer Eaton, was absolutely terrific to deal with. She was completely understanding and totally on top of the situation. From start to finish, I felt like I was in very good hands. And you really can't ask for more than that.

Mark Groper
Ottawa, Ontario

From the beginning, MD Marine Insurance was a pleasure to deal with. When I had to make my first claim, things were handled professionally by Jennifer Eaton and it could not have been easier. I only wish making a claim on car insurance was the same.

Our boat is a Bayliner Discovery 246, which we call 'Lost Together'. It's slipped in the Rockport Ontario area in the Thousand Islands. We've had it for about 4 years and were referred to MD Marine on the recommendation of a boater friend in Hamilton.

When we first started looking at boat insurance, we didn't know much about it. But since my wife is an insurance underwriter, we did a lot of research on policies and brokers. I also did a lot of talking to talking to some of my friends who are with the other guys and I heard some horror stories. All of which lead us to MD Marine Insurance.

Our first test for MD Marine came last year during a launching. We placed the boat in the water from our trailer. Before cutting it free we started the boat up to ensure everything was operating OK before exiting the ramp. The boat started up no problem and we pulled the trailer out, backed away from the dock and headed out of the marina into the bay.

After a couple minutes of running there was black smoke coming from my engine vents. We turned around and headed back. The boat stalled as we approached the dock. After getting the boat to the dock and tied up, we opened the engine hatch to have a look. All we could see was black smoke.

Once the smoke cleared we had the mechanic take a look. His comment: 'Best you be giving your insurance company a call.' My stomach did a flip. But we had to make the call and frankly, it was the start of some of the best service I have ever received from an insurance company. Everything was taken care of and we were back boating within weeks.

I believe I'm getting great value at MD Marine Insurance and better yet, great service from my broker Jennifer Eaton. Why would I go anywhere else?

Doug Brignull
Grimsby, Ontario

We switched to MD Marine, mainly because we could get better rates and coverage. But we were delighted to find that the service from our broker, Jennifer Eaton, was very high quality as well.

I've been a boat owner since 1975, when we began to build our Muskoka cottage on a large island near Windermere on Lake Rosseau. We started with a 12-foot aluminum outboard, which we used to transport building materials to the island. Over the years, our cottage inventory grew to two and our boat inventory grew to a total of three, a 20' Scout, a 20' Cobalt and a 19' Mastercraft ski boat.

Up until a couple of years ago, my insurance was with another carrier but we switched to MD Marine Insurance, mainly because we could get a better rate. But I'm also very pleased with the quality of service I get from my broker, Jennifer Eaton. She's a good person to deal with and always keeps on top of things. She's capable and efficient and I like that, because time is important to all of us and Jennifer genuinely respects that.

I'd be happy to recommend MD Marine to anyone. In fact I have already referred them to a good friend. So, as a satisfied MD Marine customer, you could definitely say I walk the talk.

Bill Channing
Toronto, Ontario

I wouldn't trust the insuring of one of my biggest investments to any company less than the best we could find...that made MD Marine Insurance my hands down choice.

We own a 1998 Carver, which we purchased in St Petersburg Florida and transported north by truck. We put it in the water at the Port Credit Marina on Lake Ontario. From there we made the circuitous journey to our home port in the Wye Heritage Marina in Midland Ontario. This was a very long but delightful trip that took us up through the Welland Canal to Lake Erie then up the St Clair River, through Lake St Clair to Lake Huron and eventually into Georgian Bay and home to Midland. Our MD Marine Insurance broker, Jennifer Eaton, made sure that our coverage took effect the moment we hit the water in Port Credit in August of 2008 and we have been very satisfied MD Marine customers ever since. They also insure our dinghy and our Seadoo. We boat all around Georgian Bay. And we do it with complete confidence, knowing that our MD Coverage is always up to date and will take care of any problems we could run into.

Al Mueller
Midland, Ontario

The people at MD Marine Insurance, always champion your cause and are dedicated to making you happy. As insurance companies go, they have set the bar at a very high level when it comes to customer service.

I've been a boater for more than 20 years. Our current boat is a 54' Carver 530 Voyager, which we slip in The Wye Heritage Marina in Midland. We do most of our boating on Georgian Bay.

I've been a policy holder with MD Marine Insurance, and the company it was previously, for a total of about 10 years now. I was referred to them by one of the marinas I know. MD Marine insures my Carver, plus our Yamaha Waverunner and our motorized dinghy.

The rates I get at MD Marine are highly competitive, but the thing that really sets them apart is the quality of the service I have received from them, particularly John Lazareth and Julie MacDonald. I've got nothing but good things to say about them, and their company. They are delightful to deal with and are completely dedicated to getting the job done as expeditiously as possible to your complete satisfaction.

I know from dealing with many different insurance companies that they are mainly interested in trying to find ways to lower their payout on claims. But the people at MD Marine are quite the opposite, they always champion your cause and are dedicated to making you happy. As insurance companies go, they have set the bar at a very high level when it comes to customer service.

What this does, of course, is create a genuine loyalty on my part. And the result of that is that I am happy to recommend MD Marine to anyone.

Ian Middleton
Nobleton, Ontario

Every time I see the MD Marine people at a boat show, I grab a bunch of business cards and give them out to my fellow boaters. I tell them MD Marine and especially Jennifer Eaton, are great and will take really good care of you.

I currently own a Four Winds 41' cruiser which I keep docked in Little Current in the North Channel of Georgian Bay. My wife and I have been avid boaters since 1978. We have had 9 different boats since that time, everything from speed boats up to cruisers.

We have raised our kids on the water and spend as much time as possible cruising all over the Great Lakes as well as the Trent and Rideau canal systems.

My wife and I both have taken Power Squadron courses, so she is as able to pilot our boats as capably as I am. Having two people on board who are trained and able to pilot a large boat is extremely important in the event of an emergency. And I am surprised at the large number of boating couples who do not seem to get this. I have always maintained that if anything were to happen to me out in the middle of any large body of water, knowing that my wife could take over and get us to shore safely is probably the most important aspect of boating safety there is.

I have been an MD Marine Insurance policyholder since about 2004. I met my broker, Jennifer Eaton at a boat show. I asked a lot of question and got a lot of good answers. The questions they couldn't answer on the spot they responded to quickly a few days later. I thought they were very professional and good to deal with.

I like MD Marine so much, I have become one of their best sales people. Every time I see the MD Marine people at a boat show, I grab a bunch of business cards and give them out to my fellow boaters. I tell them MD Marine and especially Jennifer Eaton, are great and will take really good care of you.

Jean-Marc Labelle
Sudbury, Ontario

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